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Our party and catering service

Whether a wedding, birthday, anniversary or company party, we will be happy to make a special offer. Each event carries your personal touch and the same should also be a buffet Share with us from our rich offer your Individual buffets. Of course, we provide free house to your house, of course, after Luxembourg. Whether hot or cold buffet, plates or packages that they talk to us For your personal needs we are your competent partner! We make your party a success!

Overview and prices at a glance

Cold Buffet - 1 - 1 14,90 € Per Person
Cold Buffet - 2 19,50 € Per Person
Italy Buffet 18,50 € Per Person
Buffet Winetraders 19,60 € Pro Person
Cold-warm Buffet – 1 21,50 € Pro Person
Cold-warm Buffet – 2 27,50 € Per Person
Cold-warm Buffet – 3 14,50 € Per Person
Canapés & Eintöpfe

The following buffet proposals are to be understood as a suggestion and be adapted to your wishes. From the following buffet variations you can create free individual components. Let us know your desire and buffet.

Buffet of the Types of Winetraders

Mosel ham with melon Columns
Roasted chicken thighs with oranges and lemons
Cooked ham with asparagus
Roast pork with pickles
Tartar sauce
Homemade blood and liver sausage
Stomach rind salad
Smoke Sausage
Small Fish selection
With mackerel, trout and salmon
Horseradish cream
Coleslaw with Caraway
Tomato salad with onions and herbs
Winzersaftschinken on Teerdisch
Boiled beef
Warm bacon potato salad
Rustic cheese selection with grapes from the board
Bread Basket
Riesling wine cream19,60 € per Person

Kaltes Buffet - 1

Roasted chicken thighs
Mini Meatballs
Mixed beef plate with tartar sauce
Black Forest ham with melon
Leek Salad
Fresh Carrot Salad
Bread Basket
Chocolate and vanilla moussePer Person 14,90 €

Kaltes Buffet - 2

Smoked salmon, fillet of trout and
horseradish cream
Shrimp cocktail with fruits
Roast beef rolls with egg salad
Black Forest ham with melon
Roasted chicken thighs
Tomato Mozzarella and Basil
Layer Salad
Greek salad
Bread Basket
Bavarian cream
Fruit Salad
Preis pro Person 19,50 €

Italaly Buffet

Herb Roasted Olives
Grissini with Parma ham
Herb tomato gratin
Mushroom heads with Italian Cream
Italian Spaghetti Salad
Ham tortellini in cream sauce
Milanese escalope with parmesan cheese
and tomato sauce
Roasted eggplant with garlic
Bread Basket
18,50 € Per Person

Cold-warm Buffet - 1

Edelfischplatte with smoked trout and
salmon fillets
Tomato Mozzarella and Basil
Pork in Champignonrahmsoße
Burgundy beef in red wine sauce
Vegetable Selection
Potato gratin
Bread Basket
Chocolate and vanilla mousse
Per Person 21,50 €

Cold-warm Buffet - 2

Smoked salmon, fillet of trout and
horseradish cream
Shrimp cocktail with fruits
Roast beef rolls with egg salad
Black Forest ham with melon
Roasted chicken thighs
Mozerella tomatoes with basil
Layer Salad
Greek salad
Bread Basket
Pork in cider Calvadossoße
Zander fillet with ratatouille
Potato gratin
Mixed Vegetable Platter
Bavarian cream
Chocolate Cream
Preis pro Person 27,50 €

Cold-warm Buffet - 3

Roasted chicken thighs
Mini Meatballs
Mozerella tomatoes with basil
Schnitzel with cream sauce
Spaghetti Bolognese
Vegetable Selection
Pommes Frites
Chocolate and vanilla mousse
Pro Person 14,50 €


You can count on the occasion of your celebration and stay score ", 3-5 pieces per person
Canapés Price per piece
Trout fillet € 1.80
Smoked salmon 1,90 €
Smoked € 2.00
Greenland prawns € 2.10
Kassel € 1.40
Salami 1.40 €
Turkey Breast 1.40 €
Pork 1.40 €
Black Forest Ham € 1.40
Roast beef € 1.60
Pork € 2.10
Cream Cheese € 1.40
Camembert € 1.40
Cheese € 1.40


Hungarian Goulash Soup
piquant, spicy, l 10,00 €
Hearty Potato Soup liter € 6.00
Pea or lentil stew liter € 6.00
Additionally wieners piece 1,00 €
or pork sausage spread piece 1.50 €
Rice with beef stew or chicken liter € 8.00
Pichelsteiner stew liter 10.00 €

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